Data Residency and Sovereignty Compliance

Thales eSecurity helps enterprises and cloud providers meet data residency and data sovereignty regulations

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Data Residency

There are more than 100 national data privacy laws on the books. Global enterprise, SaaS vendors and cloud-solution providers need to be aware how to meet data residency requirements in their environment.

Thales eSecurity can help prepare organizations to meet key global residency regulations, such as GDPR, through:

  • Preventing access to customer and employee data outside of their home legal jurisdiction;
  • Encryption key management;
  • Safeguarding sensitive data in cloud environments.
Data Residency
One General Rule

Though there is a wide variation between requirements, meeting this single rule ensures that your organization remains in compliance:

  • All customer and employee data must not be accessible to those outside of their home legal jurisdiction
  • Exception: When explicit consent is given on a per usage basis
  • Encrypt Data at Rest and Restrict Data Access

    The solution to the problem is to encrypt all data-at-rest and only allow access to data-at-rest from the jurisdiction where it originates.

    With Thales eSecurity, solving the problem is simple. Using Thales eSecurity data-at-rest encryption with access control to limit data access to only those within a specific jurisdiction will satisfy all but a few national requirements (Germany and Spain are specific exceptions).

    For Enterprises

    At the file system and volume level, encrypt data sets from each jurisdiction with Vormetric Transparent Encryption. Set access controls (linked to your directory services infrastructure) so that the data-at-rest can only be decrypted by those within each country. Others will have no access to information, seeing only encrypted data blocks. For best practice, have each country keep their own encryption keys locally, so that even security management personnel from outside their jurisdiction cannot change encryption keys or access policies.

    For access to information stored within databases and applications – link access to directory services infrastructure or other access management tools. You can also encrypt data on a column, field or database file level with Vormetric Application Encryption, and manage encryption keys using the Vormetric Data Security Management appliance interfaces to match jurisdictions. Enterprises can use Vormetric’s centralized, uniformly managed Data Security Manager to coordinate these operations.

    Vormetric’s Data Security Platform from Thales eSecurity also features the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, which extends the Platform to safeguard sensitive data in cloud storage environments, including Amazon S3, Box and Caringo. The cloud security gateway encrypts sensitive data before it is saved to the cloud. This enables security teams to establish the visibility and control they need around sensitive assets without having to add another point tool that increases system complexity.

    For Cloud Providers

    Offer customers the option to encrypt data-at-rest, managing their own encryption keys from within their local jurisdiction, and locking out access by others. With Vormetric Transparent Encryption from Thales eSecurity, data-at-rest encryption is done by giving each customer its own local, physical or virtual Vormetric Data Security Manager, combined with agents on each customer system linked to that management instance. Consider becoming a Vormetric Partner.

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    Other key data protection and security regulations


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    Perhaps the most comprehensive data privacy standard to date, GDPR affects any organisation that processes the personal data of EU citizens - regardless of where the organisation is headquartered.

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    Any organisation that plays a role in processing credit and debit card payments must comply with the strict PCI DSS compliance requirements for the processing, storage and transmission of account data.

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