Design, Develop and Deploy Cryptographic solutions – Protecting you, protecting your customers

image description Security is not a one size fits all commodity. Customers buy security products to solve specific business problems. At Thales ASG, we understand that security is key to your business and ongoing customer confidence, but that your business is not necessarily all about security. Without an appropriate architecture and application development process to deliver real solutions, encryption-based data protection efforts can fall short of meeting compliance, security, and business continuity objectives. ASG can provide assistance and support throughout the development lifecycle. From network infrastructure, virtualization and bespoke application code development, through to advice on achieving PCI DSS compliance, to deployment and training across your enterprise, Thales ASG provides you with the skills and expertise to develop a solution that’s right for you and good for your business.

Thales Custom Cryptographic Solutions include:

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Thales Advanced Solutions Group

Drawing on decades of global experience, Thales Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) consultants can help you accelerate the deployment and optimise your investment in Thales solutions.

Thales HSMs integrate seamlessly with many COTS products to support encryption and authentication services required by financial and secure manufacturing industries.

Thales ASG provides design, development, training and deployment services globally to Thales customers.

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ASG Outplacement Services
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