payShield HSMファミリー(決済HSM)

決済業界向けに設計されたpayShield HSMは、認証用情報の発行、決済トランザクション処理、および鍵管理機能を提供する実績のあるソリューションです

What payShield HSMの働き

payShield 9000は、ICチップ、コンタクトレス・チップ、モバイルセキュアエレメントの決済アプリケーションをサポートします。このソリューションは、EMVCo、PCI SSC、GlobalPlatform、およびMultos Internationalがとりまとめ、進化しづけるセキュリティ標準に対応しています。


Thales eSecurityの決済HSMは世界規模で多く導入されており、決済カードトランザクションの約80パーセントを保護していると想定されています。











Data Sheet : payShield 9000

Thales payShield 9000 is a hardware security (HSM) payment module that provides the cryptographic protection required for ATM, point of sale (POS), credit and debit card issuance, and processing Of transactions. Encryption and management functionality meets or exceeds the operational and security requirements of the major international card system, including American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa. It is deployed as an external peripheral for mainframes and servers running card issuance applications, mobile platform provisioning, and payment processing software for the electronic payment industry.


Data Sheet : Key Management Device for Thales eSecurity Payment HSMs

The Thales eSecurity Key Management Device (KMD) for payment HSMs is a compact tamper-resistant security module (TRSM) that enables keys to be formed securely from separate components in a manner that is compliant with relevant security standards including X9 TR-39, ANSI X9.24-1 and PCI PIN Security. With its touch screen graphical user interface, the KMD is simple and intuitive to operate, and is compatible with the full range of Thales payment HSMs including the award-winning payShield 9000. The device configuration and management user interface complies with banking grade security best practices and the installed software is automatically validated for integrity prior to use. Upgrades are supported to meet future functional enhancements and security audit requirements.


Data Sheet : payShield Manager

payShield Manager enables security teams to perform all tasks remote from data centers, reducing costs and delivering greater operational efficiency. payShield Manager is a hardware security module (HSM) management tool specifically designed for the Thales payShield 9000 HSM that operates in both local and remote modes via a standard browser interface. A secure connection to the HSM underpinned by smart card access control enables key management, security configuration and software/license updates to be carried out remotely from the data center.


PCI Approvals for payShield 9000 FAQ

payShield 9000 is independently certified against security standards including FIPS 140-2 and PCI HSM. This FAQ document helps answer questions on broader PCI compliance and how payShield 9000 assists in such efforts.

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