The nShield Family of General Purpose HSMs

nShield ハードウエア・セキュリティ・モジュール(HSM)は安全な暗号鍵、署名鍵の生成、デジタル署名の生成、データの暗号等の機能を提供します

General Purpose HSMs


nShield HSMは耐タンパ領域内での暗号処理、鍵生成と保護、暗号化などハードウエア・ベースのセキュリティを提供します。また、さまざまな導入シナリオに対応するため、FIPS認定取得済みの3つの形状のHSMを提供しています。


独自のセキュリティ・ワールドの仕組みにより複数のHSMを連携して利用することが可能。nShield HSMのモデルを問わず、実績のある鍵管理システムで、拡張性、冗長性、可用性をもつ一元管理が可能なシステムを構築可能。




nShield HSMは様々なPKI実装事例あるいはトラストアンカーの設定に対応するため、ルート鍵や認証局(CA)の鍵の生成・保護を提供します。


nShield HSMはアプリケーションコードに署名を打つことによりソフトウエアの安全性、改ざん防止、完全性を確かなものにします。


nShield HSMはIoTやネットワーク環境に配置されるデバイスの登録や認証に利用されるデジタル署名の発行を実施します。

White Paper : The Thales Security World Architecture

The Thales Security World architecture supports a specialized key management framework that spans the entire nShield family of general purpose hardware security modules (HSMs). Whether deploying high performance, shareable, network-attached HSM appliances, host-embedded HSM cards or USB-attached portable HSMs, the Security World architecture provides a unified administrator and user experience and guaranteed interoperability whether the customer deploys one or hundreds of devices.


White Paper : Key Isolation for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers

It is vital for any business that relies on cryptographic keys to have assurances and enforceable policies around key usage. The nShield family of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provides that assurance. The Security World key management framework, supported by the nShield HSM family, enables organizations to create a structured key infrastructure that meets today’s dynamic and fluid requirements.

This paper demonstrates how it is possible to easily configure Security World to define a framework which permits both partitioning and multi-tenancy cryptographic key isolation strategies.


Data Sheet : CodeSafe Data Sheet

CodeSafe is a set of software tools that enables you to run applications in a secure execution environment inside nShield HSMs.


Data Sheet : Remote Administration

nShield Remote Administration creates a secure connection between your remote HSM and your local Remote Administration Cards and TVD.


Data Sheet : CipherTrust Monitor

CipherTrust Monitor is a tool that lets you monitor, 24x7 and in one centralized location, all your Thales HSMs.


Data Sheet : Web Services Option Pack

Reduce integration and gain simplicity using this API, providing a simple interface between cloud, data center or on-premises applications and nShield crypto services.

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